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Register for Circle of Friends
Click on the link below to officially register to be part of Circle of Friends.  This must be completed by 9/28/17
Circle of Friends Registration
Upcoming Small Group Meetings
Circle of Friends will meet on THURSDAYS during Activity Weeks in F101. 
October 5
October 16th (Monday)
November 9th
December 7th
January 18th
January 25th
February 22nd
March 29th
April 19th
May 10th


Large Group gatherings will be held on the Thursdays listed in the cafeteria during advisory unless otherwise announced or noted.

Sept. 28th:  Ice Cream and Board Games!

October 30th (MONDAY):  Halloween fun

November 20th:

December 8th: Music Therapy Concert

December 21st: Holiday celebration

January 4th: New Year's party!

February 8th: Valentine crafts

March 15th: St. Patrick's Day activities and GREEN food

April 5th:

April 26th:

April 27th: Music Therapy Concert

May 17th: 

May 24th: FINAL activity of the year :(


Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends mission is to create an environment in which all students--those with and without disabilities--have more opportunities to build rewarding friendships with peers.  Young adults have a great contribution to make to their schools and communities.  Through the experiences students have in Circle of Friends, they will develop a stronger sense of self-worth and social connection, which will help them create better relationships, a stronger school community and a better society.

Red Wing students in grades 11 and 12 who have chosen to be a part of Circle of Friends program will meet and get to know students in the special education program that have been nominated by their teachers to also be included.    The students will connect regularly and form positive relationships as they participate in games, crafts and other fun activities.  They will meet for lunch together regularly as well.

Circle of Friends meets Mondays during advisory to plan large group activities.

Kristin Bray - Advisor