Winger Tech Rolls into the Finals at Lake Superior Regional

Safety, Design, Mechanical Construction, Electrical Wiring, Software, Marketing, Spirit, Scouting, Troubleshooting, Testing, Driving, Practice, Communication, and Nerves of Steel vaulted Winger Tech onto the Finals at the Lake Superior Regional FRC on Saturday, March 4.

Winger Tech Ambassadors visited the Alliance Captains on Saturday Morning and pointed out that Team 5299 could provide 110 points toward the Alliance score in every match - we were the first robot selected in the 3rd round!

Alliance #8 asked us to partner with them, and our 4-year veteran, Mia, was honored to say the words,”5299 Graciously accepts”.

We were matched against the #1 Alliance, and delivered the points, winning one of three matches in the quarterfinals.

The most exciting moment of every match was when 5299 climbed the 4’ rope and lit the takeoff light on the Jules Verne style airship! 

The stories are too numerous to repeat in one writing, but suffice it to say that the Seniors went out on a high note!  

Thanks for all your support!