Java Software Study Group 11/10/2016

Tonight the solution appeared!

We have all the pieces loaded, and will be able to generate, share, and deploy Java code on a robot!

We have Eclipse (Java Development Kit) loaded onto several laptops, including one Mac (this becomes important later)

We can create code on any laptop, and connect it as a branch to our Team directory on GitHub (cloud storage for software).

We have the WPI Libraries for FRC loaded onto laptops, including Robot Builder.

Robot Builder can generate code for motors, sensors, relays, etc.

It also generates a Wiring Diagram.

The Robot Simulator can be loaded onto a Linux or Mac operating system, but is not compatible with Windows (we loaded it onto a Mac tonight).

A robot designed in SolidWorks (CAD) can be modeled In Robot Simulator using Gazebo.

Our next focus will be to build Java code to operate our existing robot, and deploy in December.

Therefore, we have a path to build code before the robot is built, and could design and operate a robot in Simulation before we drill a hole or build anything!