Software achieved a goal set in September – we finally achieved control of a robot using Java code!  Great job!  Thanks to Electrical and Mechanical for adjusting Robot 2 so it can be driven on Monday.  Software has also assembled code for the Competition robot to deploy when that machine is wired.

 Mechanical has mounted the electrical distribution panels on the drive base and will release it to Electrical on Monday!  They are also well on the way to installing the fuel pickup device

 Mechanical also rigged and tested the high goal mechanism – more testing needed on Monday.

 Lift Design has done power calculations and has a conceptual design of the lift mechanism.

 Marketing has compiled the t-shirt order and will place it soon; half the team has completed registration on the FRC Web Site.  Marketing is also making great progress on the Entrepreneur Award application.

 Great job this past week – thanks to Students and Mentors!